Technologie geeft de mensheid superpowers. The sky is the limit als het gaat om het vormgeven van ons lichaam, de aarde en onze geest.  Maar beschikken we straks allemaal over superkracht, superschoonheid en worden we allemaal heel oud of is dat alleen voor de happy few?

Wij specialiseren ons in het presenteren van veel jonge talenten die later wereldwijd furore maakten in de internationale, grote musea.
Hoofd evenement en presentatieplatform is Manifestations Art, Tech & Fun festival, met ca 35.000 bezoekers.

Manifestations is nonprofit en wil talent, kunst en cultuur stimuleren.

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Foto's Manifestations presentatie:

''Superpowers to the people''

Will the Future Design Us?

Eindhoven is the most significant tech area of the Netherlands. It is the place where smart technologies are born. Technological innovation has a growing impact on our daily lives, our societies and our humanity. But who or what is all this technology ultimately serving? Is everyone still able to participate? Are these developments good and healthy for all of us? What role do we actually want technology to play in our lives?

Artists, like no others, are able to put technology and unstoppable developments in a different, unexpected perspective. They approach technology not as profit driven solutions to increase convenience, but instead research, play, ask and show how technology can help build a sweeter, more humane world.

These young, often recently graduated artists, are not affected by a blind love for technology; instead they approach technological developments as reciprocal: people develop technology but people are in turn also undeniably shaped by technology. A similar mutuality exists in friendships or relationships between human beings. This reciprocity between technology and humanity, this mutual influencing, is oftentimes exciting and fun, sometimes a bit problematic or scary, it can feel very close and intimate, and sometimes it is pretty distant or unkind.


Manifestations focuses the spotlight on art and projects that investigate the ‘matches’ and ‘mismatches’ between people and technology. For example, meet clothing that takes care of you, AI that teases or protects you, fighting robots or robots that just lend a helping hand. In short: art and technology with a human dimension: sometimes confrontational and other times the perfect match, but always critical, playful, recognizable and awe-inspiring.

Stichting Art & Technology

Organisation for Multi Media art, yearly organises projects presenting i.e. media art, with the goal: TECH FOR GOOD: a healthy development of technology, focussing on reaching visitors from outside the art-bubble.. and several other TECH FOR GOOD projects. More info:

Team 2019

Creative Director / Curator: Viola van Alphen
Business Leader: Lorin Kamperman
Business Developer: Marieke Simons, Saskia Klaassen
Volunteer Coordinator & Floor Manager: Nikol Vetronova
External Relations: Peter Visser
Human Manager: Agnes van Dijk, Hannah van Duivenbode
Social Media and Advice: Yolande Willink
Staff Assistent and Educatie: Angela Vissers
Communication: Loes Wijnstekers, Nicolet Pennekamp, Elky, Marlon
Design Superpowers: Myrthe Bal – Sint Lucas College
Website and Design: Flora Hellemons, Fierman, Nicolet Pennekamp
Photography and Video: Edwin Smits, Roy te Lintelo, Nadia Hagen, Edwin Smits, Sophie Verstappen, Rudy Betorina, Urban Studio, Studio-H, Marina Provatidou, Olivier Jansen
Exhibition Design: St Lucas College
Building Team and Light Design: De Fantasten and many others. And many, many volunteers!!

Nauwe co-“partners-in crime”: MAD emergent art center: Rene Pare, Eric Sprik, Paul Zuurveen, and others.
Manifestations is een inclusief event.

Raad van Toezicht:
drs. G.J.W.M. Altena voorzitter (Stichting Pangea – voor maatschappij en cultuurkritiek)
drs. A.B.A.G. Rasing secretaris (Stichting Odeon – versterken van de culturele infrastructuur)
F.C. Manders (Hyperspace Instituut – Beroepsvereniging AR VR MR)
J.D. Huizenga (Head of Department Interactive/Media/Design at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Co-Founder European Street Design Challenge, vrml Waag society)
Raad van Advies:
J. Wieringa (Zakelijk Leider Cultureel Centrum DOOR Dordrecht)
J. A. Lino ( Designer / Professor Media, Interaction and Narration / Theme Leader Creative Economy Fontys, vrml zakelijk leider STRP festival, Designhuis)
J. Post (vrml directeur Philips, Rode Kruis, voorzitter KvK Amsterdam)